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And it is a bittersweet thing. I miss everyone already.

Today, though, I met and spoke to a very nice girl who assured me quite confidently that I am not a banana at all, but a pomegranate. In your face, everyone else!
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When I'm acting in a play, all of the witty references I want to drop into random conversation will start to be to that play, which, of course, no one but my fellow cast members will understand. I suddenly become a lot more obscure.

Speaking of my play, perhaps some of you want to see it! I encourage this. It's at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre, at 8:00 PM on the 2nd and the 3rd of May, one last big hurrah before my teeth are ripped out of my head on the fourth. The price is $10 for those of the adult persuasion, but only $2 if you are 19 or under. I can't promise great things from the script (though I've developed a sneaking affection for it), but we've had a lot of fun, and I think that will show through.

No, thank you, bold tag.

To move from the realm of things that are about to happen to that of things which just did, I should particularly report: the Hitchhiker's Guide movie differs from the novels in any number of particulars, but it gets the tone exactly right. It made me deeply, deliriously happy, and kept me there all through. (The group I saw it with was nothing to complain about, either.)

I shall generally express: today was a really awesome day.
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I think I was in the minority for having done all of my (self-directed) travelling within this continent. It was almost a little embarrassing.

Yesterday, I memorized the Gettysburg Address, but it turned out that I didn't get to use it.

Fire Post

Mar. 29th, 2005 12:17 am
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Waiting for the bus on the way home from rehearsal today, I met a man who said that his apartment building was in the process of burning down, and gave him twenty dollars to get into a hostel for the night. (It's possible that it was a con*, but I'm comfortable about the degree to which I was convinced. He was clearly very shaken - he kept crying, just a little - but proud, and struggling to stay together.) He made arrangements to come to Langara and pay me back tomorrow - apparently he is one of those who is very uncomfortable about accepting charity, and hates to feel that something is owed. I might call this 'conscientious capitalism', and it's a little like vegetarianism, in that I don't share it, but I respect the idiosyncracies of those who do.

I feel like I ought to have more paragraphs, but nothing else that happened to me today was so striking as that was.

(*: A confidence game, not a convention.)
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I have no idea how well I did; I guess we'll see. I did meet some neat people.

Edit: Okay, I have a callback. That was quick!


Feb. 19th, 2005 09:44 pm
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Pancakes are tasty.

So, I'm probably going to try to do the Hamlet monologue which ends, "From this time forth / My thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth". It's not ideal, but it's interesting, and I own it.
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Tomorrow, I am going to go out pretty early to audition for this year's YouthWeek plays, especially the one David is directing. This will be my first formal audition ever; I'm apprehensive in an "I wonder if I still know how to act?" sort of way.

Instead of reading from one of the plays being produced, as I'd supposed, apparently I'm supposed to memorize and deliver a one or two minute monologue (one that "shows off your strengths", David advises). I'm not sure what I'll do. I don't own Saint Joan (and besides, that one would probably be too long); neither, alas, do I own The Real Inspector Hound. Shakespeare...?


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