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Since reading cola's recent post I've been thinking again about how a lot of people become disillusioned with or (as she says) prejudiced against wikipedia. The usual reason, and one of the most compelling reasons, seems to be that wikipedia is an environment where, if you're determined enough, bullying, and being so obnoxious that others give in so that they don't have to deal with you anymore, are pretty effective tactics for getting your way.

So, mostly what I want to talk about (especially since I'm not hugely knowledgable about wikipedia as a specific community; most of my information on the subject comes from watching Rachel) is this tactic, and how, unfortunately, it's actually pretty difficult to set up a discussion environment where it isn't effective. Trolls and other disruptive posters; the possibility of keeping those in line by appeal to some governing authority figure, like a moderator or an admin; the alternative possibility of effecting changes in culture, which is hard. More musing than conclusion. )

So in fact I don't have an adequate solution; sorry, internet. Now I'm going to go home and eat.
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Three Megatokyo filks I thought of but never finished:
...and one that I finished after all:

To Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne". A very long time in the writing; begun November of 2002, posted today.
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Asked to vote for the best, I was able to whittle the first week of the "Gold-Foil Man" art contest down to four favourites - Pandora, Balloon Trip, OMG!, and Fuu - but thereafter found them so difficult to choose between that I eventually just rolled a 4-sided die. (I remember when I could do that without actually getting out my physical dice. Poor wiflbot!) The random element neatly circumvented my concern that if I ended up choosing Rachel's - which, as it turns out, I did - I wouldn't be able to tell if it was favouritism.

Also, I finally went through and cleaned up my website so that all the internal links work regardless of the current eccentricities of WIFL's URL. A lot of the non-weblog content remains at least slightly out of date (though, in the case of the writings, not really as out-of-date as I'd like).
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1. My livejournal does not actually have a title. When I started my weblog, long before the mirror existed, I spent a while trying to come up with (or get someone else to come up with - I recall Sumana submitting 'Memery', which I did not feel hip enough to suit) a brilliant name, and eventually gave in; officially its title is Andy's Journal. Livejournal chose something very similar with very little intervention on my part.

The <TITLE> tag of my webpage is Crawling out of timelessness..., which many people have mistaken for the title of my weblog (and which perhaps should have been, eventual irony aside). That was about how, after a long period fallow, in stasis, my website was beginning to move again.

2. The subtitle is similarly void.

3. My Friends Page, too!

4. My User Name is 'Garran', which I invented as a small child to be the perfect generic male fantasy name. That 'generic' is actually quite interesting...

My other username is 'glump', a useful word which I used to describe a lot like this.

5. My Current Default Userpic is a small, grey square. Number 5 here is, in fact, what encouraged me to adopt this meme despite the fact that so few of its fields apply to me very usefully, because for a while now I've been meaning to write about

What's up with the grey square? (No Longer Incomplete!) )

In other news, I've been feeling generally physically out of sorts; today, my nose is stuffed and stinging. I hope that it's nothing worse than a cold.
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Okay! I originally wanted to post this, complete, as one piece, but that's getting ridiculous, so since I finally have a fair section done, I figure I may as well post that much. With luck, more shall follow.

o/~ Here comes part one, doo doo doo doo... )

I'll leave the footnotes outside the cut, to tantalize you:

[1]: Alpicola, Rachan, Shannon and codepoetica.

[2]: Though not nearly as black-hearted and cantankerous as the one we encountered going out, who among his scowling at us and probably putting special marks on our customs declarations so that we'd get pulled aside and our bags searched later, asked in a tone of genuine incredulity, "Why would you want to go to Detroit?" The people who did the actual bag-searching were very pleasant, though, and one let me borrow his stapler.

[3]: These would be important later.

[4]: The actual construction of these, though, would be accomplished by J. alone over the long car rides to come. Well, alone if you don't count the scissors, gluestick, and eyeglasses, with which, there is a compelling argument, he is actually a sort of cyborg.

[5]: Which were interesting - I'd had very little experience with the medium before - but none of which were magnificent. I suspect that I'd have enjoyed the event rather more if I hadn't been seated next to strangers.

[6]: Has anyone not yet heard the statistic that J. is 6'5", and weighs the same amount that I do? I am absurdly proud of this, as though he were my own work.

[7]: It turns out that not only will I answer easily to Garran, but hearing it come up in conversation is enough to wake me from a minor doze.

[8]: For some reason, I saw something like five people from Florida.

[9]: After cola and I, ten minutes later, had realized that the reason we couldn't find _Quinn and J. was because they'd been ushered efficiently outside by staffpeople who somehow missed us, and _Quinn had given us a baffled look. Oh, and there was a brief interlude before that while the registration lady stared at my shiny BC driver's license in something like awe.


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