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Cola has been writing a charming story-serial (*) about a crazy inventor-fellow (I guess that's in the air).

I forgot to mention to my weblog that, sadly, I lost my Indiana Jones hat on this vacation. I had it for something like three years, this time, before it succumbed to the curse; it was getting pleasantly beat up, but it still looked good on everyone, especially Rachel. Goodbye, faithful hat.

Since getting home my body has been inexplicably getting me up at totally reasonable hours like 8:30. I'd like this to last but realistically I know that it will be out the window the first time I stay up 'til 3 AM talking to J. or someone.

I am home!

Sep. 2nd, 2005 07:51 pm
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Hi, everyone! Among nice things about being back in Vancouver:

  • My nail scissors, which I couldn't take because of the plane. That got awfully uncomfortable near the end.

  • On the way home from the airport yesterday, I saw more than twenty Chinese restaurants. St. John's had, like, three, and spotting one was an event. (What's more, I'll bet you a big shining ball of human faith that every one of those twenty serves chow mein with noodles.)

  • A city that knows me. I am less hapless here than anywhere else in the world.

    (That's still pretty hapless.)

Today I bought my books for Langara.


Aug. 27th, 2005 10:46 pm
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There is a Blow Me Down Mountain, surrounded by Blow Me Down Provincial Park. Our tourist guidebook whatsit says,
Incidentally, the park isn't extraordinarily windy, as the name might imply. Legend holds that a sea captain saw the mountain centuries ago and exclaimed, "Well, blow me down!" The name stuck.
All many some of the trees here are in miniature. It makes me feel like a giant.
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Hello, the internet! I am in the Maritimes - specifically in the lobby of a hotel in Truro, Nova Scotia, where we are sleeping (except for me, yet) on the road between Charlottetown and Halifax (which is not actually only a road but also includes a ferry), and where in the hotel we chose there is internet in the lobby, and so we come back around to where I am and how it is that I am posting from there. It is currently very nearly one in the morning, which for people like Rachel and cola makes it almost nine. I'm not sure this is a time zone I had ever really thought about before this trip.

Here are some facts:

  • Food is different. If I ask for a steak, it will be about two levels more cooked than I expect it to be; asking for a medium got me something quite overdone, and a medium rare still hadn't the slightest trace of pink. In each of the two places we've eaten Chinese, the dishes have come on these peculiar, metal, single-legged plates, like candlesticks of food, and the chow mein has not come with noodles.
  • People here pretty consistantly use 'youse' as the plural for 'you'.
  • There is something called a 'tidal bore', where in certain towns all the tide comes in at once in a single large wave. I've never yet managed to be awake for it in any place where it happens, but my mother and sister saw it in Moncton, and apparently it lives up to its name.
  • There have been a surprising and gratifying number of pretty good used book stores. I've bought To Kill A Mockingbird, because Rachel wants me to read it, and something else with that that I forget, and a Cherryh book, and Robin McKinley's Sunshine, which I have, just today, actually begun to read.
  • There are a lot more things but actually this fact is about how I am sleepy. I think I had better save further accounts for further entries.

I miss many of you. Oh, here is a thing: I've totally neglected to place anyone's address within my access for this trip, so I am incapable of sending postcards. If you wish to rectify this, you should e-mail me your address.


Oh yeah

Aug. 16th, 2005 02:18 pm
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I keep forgetting to mention this, but in two days I'll be leaving with my family to spend two weeks gallivanting around the Maritimes (and Newfoundland, which Wikipedia says is not a Maritime). I am just about prepared for it, although I still need to trim my beard and get some money and some batteries for my digital camera (and maybe tape the battery-aperture shut, since, as Allentowners may remember, it pops open at the slightest opportunity) and do a wash and finish making this entry; what I mean is, I have all the books I need. It is to be expected that for that period I shall be uncharacteristically silent.

I don't think that I know anyone who lives near any of the places I'll be visiting, which is vexing, because I know so many neat people who live far away that to go somewhere far away and not see any of them seems somehow very clumsy of me - so if I'm wrong about that, and especially if you yourself are the proof, by all means let me know (I'll attempt to periodically find computers and check livejournal (or at least my comments) and my g-mail e-mail). I will, however, by the end of this trip, have visited most of not only the provinces, but indeed the provinces-and-territories, so ha.

I seem to write a lot of entries when I'm hungry, don't I? Weird.

What? Oh, right. So, I'll be back in early September. Everybody have fun without me!


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