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I'm sleepy, but here are some books.
Samuel R. Delany, The Motion of Light in Water (reread)
Raphael Carter, The Fortunate Fall
NK Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
Samuel R. Delany, Empire Star
Sara Ryan, The Rules for Hearts
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is the internet's darling, and I liked it, too. (Even though I'm starting to get bored of a certain sort of revelation regarding protagonists; but, in this case it was handled with unusual interest.) The fantasy theology is great; I'd compare it to The Curse of Chalion, even though the sorts of gods and religions depicted are radically different. I also have the pleasant feeling, stand alone though it does, that it will feel stronger once I have the resonances from the rest of the trilogy.

I was fascinated by the worldbuilding in the Carter, which simultaneously had verisimilitude and was brazenly and artificially put together for the author's gonzo self-entertainment. The plot was a lot like that, too, cheerfully self-conscious even as it never broke tone. It's a difficult balancing act and one that I rarely see even attempted; the closest I can think of is the textual jokes in Brust, or maybe some of the early cyberpunk that was clearly an inspiration.

The Motion of Light in Water, which was already my favourite autobiography, still is.
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