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Since reading this I've learned that there really is a movie adaptation of 'A Sound Of Thunder' out right now, but I didn't yet know that when I rode the bus past a movie theatre and glimpsed a poster for it, appropriately but unrevealingly decorated with a butterfly. It was very surreal.

Last night instead of AD&D cola ran a game of Paranoia, which I've never played before, and which was awesome fun - more than I expected it to be, actually, considering what I knew about the system. I was thinking of writing up a report; I probably won't, but it worked out quite wonderfully to a sort of slapstick comedy of errors, and plot points hinged upon puns, and I got several times to demand of various other parties, "Have you ever been in a war?", and, somehow, we all survived, and actually took no damage (though Marilee was shot by the Computer in the epilogue).

Afterward, cola and Rowen and I walked to the skytrain, stopping to eat on the way, and we each noticed and remarked that the air was thick with smoke. As I bussed to school this morning, the smoke was still there.

Today, after attending it for the first time, I dropped Religions of the West; I'd have liked to have had more time to consider the decision, but this was the last day I could get any sort of refund. I liked my classmates, but something in the teacher's manner had me feeling increasingly oppressed and desparate. He's apparently a Vancouver city councillor, though I don't think that's related.

Date: 2005-09-14 12:13 am (UTC)
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i too dropped in the end. i like my 80% course load and i like only being in anthropology. it seems appropriate.

Date: 2005-09-14 06:05 am (UTC)
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i'm sorry for when i killed you!

it had to happen. you committed treason by saving the day.


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